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Discover how we added over $30,000 to this company's Email marketing revenue in just 30 days

Find out how we helped this supplement Ecommerce brand completely transform their Email marketing strategy

See how we increased this meal-prep brand's Email & SMS marketing revenue $21,000 in just 60 days

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Check out the results we've helped many brands achieve with Email & SMS marketing

📈 We helped Habit Nest increase email sales 87% in just 30 days without any big discount campaigns or sales

We mapped out a brand new strategy to revamp Habit Nest's automations and campaign strategy, all while optimizing their deliverability and sending reputation in the process to prepare for BFCM.

🔥 We nearly quadrupled (4x) this CBD brand’s email revenue

This brand's emails were consistently landing in spam, their flows were weak, and they had no real strategy.We did a complete overhaul of their flows, set up a full campaign strategy that we follow every single month, and increased their opt-in conversion rate from 2% to 7%.

📈 We doubled this training company's email sales, adding over $30K in just 30 days

After revamping all of their flows, building out an entirely new campaign strategy, and giving their emails a much needed upgrade on copy and design, we were able to double their email sales within the first month of working with them.

💰 We helped this skincare brand triple their email revenue

This brand was already doing OK, with 26% of their revenue coming from email marketing...But we came in and implemented a brand new campaign strategy, overhauled the majority of their flows, and got their opt-in running properly to grow the list.This resulted in a 266% increase in email revenue, and they brought in just over 70% of revenue from email this past month.

🏦 We gave this fashion brand a 193% increase in email revenue in just 30 days

This brand's emails were consistently landing in spam, their flows were weak, and they had no real strategy.We did a complete overhaul of their flows, set up a full campaign strategy that we follow every single month, and increased their opt-in conversion rate from 2% to 7%.

✅ 3x Welcome Email Revenue
✅ 10% Opt-In Conversion Rate

We helped this supplement brand get an extra $4k+ from their welcome email alone, and we set up an opt-in form that’s converting over 10% of their website traffic onto their email list

📈 We brought this CBD brand’s opt-in form conversion rate from 2% --> 7%

Growing your email list is a crucial aspect of succeeding with email & SMS.By making a few simple tweaks and implementing our split testing framework, we're now helping this brand bring in 4x as many subscribers to their email list every month.

We Blew Up This Brand's Non-Buyer Welcome Series

✅ 68% Open Rate
✅ 20% Click Rate
✅ 18.4% Placed Order Rate
✅ $3.8k Generated in Last 30 Days
(Nearly 10% of this brand's total monthly revenue from one email)

The modern day Ecom brand is stuck in a perpetual loop of declining profit margins...


1. You’re not maximizing the traffic you pay for

If you’re reading this, I assume you want to make as much money as possible from your paid ads.Without a well-tested email capture and conversion system, a large chunk of the traffic you paid for leaves, never to be seen again...…and you leave massive amounts of immediate and long-term profits on the table

2. You don’t have highly tested systems to retain customers

As your cost to acquire customers rises and retention drops, it becomes harder and harder to scale profitably.When a customer buys for the first time, your profit margins are minimal due to ad spend and the costs associated with bringing in that new customer.By setting up and continuously split testing a system to keep people buying for years to come……you increase customer LTV, collect higher profit margins on the back end, and have excess cash to scale the brand with.

3. You don’t know when to use branding and when to use direct response

There are two ways to market your brand: Branding & Direct Response.Most brands either use pure branding, or they use nothing but direct response.By knowing when to use each, we can blend them together for you to create a positive customer experience that leads to repeat buyers without unnecessary churn.

The Rehm Copy Difference

Maximizing revenue with email & SMS seems easy...Get a high converting opt-in, send consistent campaigns, and set up all your automations well.That said, why do 90% of brands fail to bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions from it annually?It comes down to a few key mistakes you might be making:- You're not testing enough (or at all)
- You aren't mixing your branding with direct response
- You don't have a dedicated, cost-efficient team to write copy, develop designs, and handle technical implementation for you
We put our focus into everything from the BIG needle movers to the smallest details.And we plug our team, experience, and expertise into your company at a fraction of what you would pay an in-house team to do it for.If that sounds like a fair deal to you...Hit the button below to see how we can take your email & SMS operations to the next level.

The roadmap to getting you results is simple

Our process consists of a 7 day preparation phase, and then a 'let's make some money' phase

Here's what the preparation phase looks like:

1. Full Klaviyo Audit

Before you pay us a dollar, we'll take an in-depth look at your current operations to ensure we can help deliver our promise

2. Overall Strategy Formulation

We'll break down the best overall strategy to use for your exact situation

3. Customer Research

We're going to go deep into understanding your customer, their goals, fears, dreams, and everything in between

And then we step into the 'let's make some money' phase (this part never ends)

Deliverability Optimization

It's crucial that we begin by ensuring your deliverability is on point, because you can't sell anything if nobody sees your emails.This includes:
- Domain set up
- Sending reputation
- Content optimization
- Sending practices

Opt-In Form

We're going to create a high converting opt-in form for your brand, so you can convert 6-12% of your website traffic onto your email list consistently.Aside from just setting it up, we will follow our strict split testing plan to continue optimizing it over time.

Automated Flows

Within 20-30 days, we'll revamp (or add) your 10 core flows, set up our guided split testing strategy on each of them, and run a full audit on every flow every 30 days to see what we can optimize further.

Weekly Campaigns

During the preparation phase, your campaign strategy and monthly calendar will be prepared, and we'll begin sending out content while ruthlessly split testing different angles, formats, and concepts to see what resonates best with your list.From there we'll make educated decisions in the following months based on data, and not assumptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get these all the time, so we thought we'd make it easy for you...

Our prices are completely unique to your needs, and how big of a ROI we can get you. You *will not* be charged a price that doesn’t make sense for you. If we decide on a deal, it will be one where you are getting an outsized return on your investment, because that’s our job. Get you a big ROI.

The guarantee of '+$30k-100k/month in Email & SMS revenue in 60 days or you don't pay' comes with the stipulation that your brand consistently does $200k-250k/month or more in online revenue and is capable of sending both Emails and SMS (text messages)

If you do not qualify for the guarantee, we will still make you a guarantee of a specific result or you don't pay. We stand behind our work.

Yes. Our #1 priority is delivering an extremely high quality service for a few reasons:

- We want a strong reputation from getting fantastic results

- Whether you pay us a retainer or we’re on a revenue share deal, we understand that we have to get you a huge ROI in order for you to be happy and continue our working relationship

- Our focus is creating a long term relationship of success and growth, and that only happens if we consistently do what we can to get you results

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